See What our Members are Saying...

Meghan W.


As a super busy, full-time working mom, I like that I get the most "bang for my buck" at Punch. In just 40 minutes I can get in a high intensity workout and get out in time to pickup the kids and prepare dinner for my family. I also love the other staff and gym members and consider them my little gym family!

Kathy G.


I've had the pleasure of being a member of Punch Fitness Club since Chad first opened and it's become a healthy addiction. Each workout is different along with challenging you to be your better self. My favorite workouts are when we put our gloves on and punch the much fun! Chad and his team are simply awesome and I'm blessed to be a member of this gym who have become like a second family!

Gemma D.


I love Punch Fitness because I know I'll always have a hard and well thought out workout. I hate the normal gyms because I don't know what to do and despise the machines. I know when I walk into class that's all figured out for me and everyday is something different! If you were to ask me if I ever saw myself owning boxing gloves I would have laughed at you and now it is my favorite exercise! Punch Fitness is more than a gym for me, its my workout family and I love it!

Jen K.


Punch Fitness is truly the best gym around. I’ve never been one to go to a gym with machines where you tend  to do the same thing day in and day out. Every day the trainers create a workout which is different and challenging. Chad and the other trainers guide and push you to do the best job you can as you work out. It has grown to be a circle of friends where we laugh while we exercise. Punch Fitness has made going to the gym something that I look forward to every day.

Tina M.


Punch Fitness has helped me improve my strength while offering great modifications for my limitations. After a workout, I'm always glad I went, even on those days I did not want to go. 

Kim R.


I started with Punch Fitness when they opened. Chad had been my trainer from a former gym and when I heard he was opening his own space, there was no question to follow him! Chad and the other trainers at Punch Fitness are great, encouraging me every step of my fitness journey. I love the 40-minute classes and every class focuses on different cardio and strength exercises. Come join us and we will have fun while exercising together!

Maria H.


Working out at Punch is great! I especially love kickboxing with Colleen-she'll kick your butt and you'll feel exhausted and powerful. What more could you ask for?!